Meet Jessica Fischer

Jessica Fischer

Licensed Independent Sales Representative
Montgomery City, MO Location

There are many reasons Jessica is adored by her clients. She is dedicated to every single person that enters her office, taking time to understand that person's situation. Most of all, she is upfront and honest - if she cannot save them money, or get them a better benefit package, she lets them know. If the new client is just turning 65, she gently walks them through this process step-by-step.

Jessica's career began at the local pharmacy where she began, became a pharmacy tech, continued working while she obtained her Business Administration degree at Columbia College. Jessica has always been interested in helping others, particularly in getting the most of their healthcare benefits. ​

Jessica lives on a farm in Montgomery County, she resides with her husband Chris and their dogs; and spends time with extended family. She never stops doing things for others - you will find her making quilts to give away, or cooking or canning.